PRIEV RIBI BEN ESTHER - 02.06.1948--09.02.1978
MIRAKOV NISON BEN FRECHO 11.03.1937--09.03.1992


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Shaharit Sunday 7:30am
Shaharit Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur 6:15am
/Minha/Aravit/Maariv 6:45pm
Friday Mincha Around Shkiyah
01/01/20- 4:00pm
Shabbat Shaharit 7:30am
Shabbat Mincha 20min Before Shkiyah
01/01/20 - 5:00pm
Shabbat Shiur One Hour Before Mincha

Motsei Shabbat Maariv - Approximately 30 minutes after candle lighting
01/01/20 - 5:30pm


5780 Holiday Schedule

    MONDAY MARCH 9 2020


    Erev PESACH
    WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8, 2020


    THURSDAY MAY 28, 2020


    FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2020





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Our History  
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Fresh Meadows Bukharian Synagogue was established in May 2006 by the Vice President of the Bukharian Jewish Congress Ilyau Aronov and his close friends.There are close 400 families Jew from Central Asia (referred to Bukharian Jews) living in Fresh-Meadows,N.Y. Most are middle class families trying to preserve their culture and identity as Bukharian Jews.



As an experienced leader Ilyau Aronov organized a fundraising in the basement of his house and that night a group of approximately 40  Bukharian Jews raised $160,000.00 in a single night.The idea was to purchase a house located centrally on a visible street as a corner 50x100 lot improved by old range house.Since the organization was fairly new and the sellers were not willing to wait too long in then vibrant real state market,Mr Aronov as the new president and the newly former Board decided to purchase the building in their individual names, and acted as co-signors on the loan , thereafter leasing the property to the non-profit organization for a term of 99 years.The goal was to have a temporary space, enabling to raise more funding the near future to build a large community center to accomadate the growing ethnic Bukharian Jewish Community of Freash-Meadows.After carefully study by the architect,Mr Aronov understood that allowable buildable space as per the NYC zoning code in the residential neighborhood of Freash meadows would not satisfy the needs of the growing community.The board of directors decided to hire a zoning law firm to obtain a zoning variance,allowing higher ratio of buildable square feet and eliminating parking requirement and extending front and side yard beyong zoning limits.During this process the ranch house structure is completely converted to a synagogue right before the Jewish High Holidays in 2006.With the funds raised during High Holidays and amazing turnout of 200 people,Mr Aronov and the Board Of Directors becomes convicted that they have what it takes to complete the construction of the new building



With a fully functioning synagogue and a new community a misfortune strikes Mr Aronov  and the community loses its leader in November of 2007.



Vice-President Boris Munorov continues to work on the zoning variance and organizes community meetings winning at four Zoning Board hearing and in March of 2008 ,the City finally approves the zoning variance.During the economic crisis of 2008 widespread corporate losses,the Board made decision to continue praying in the range house building until new Elections and better economic times.The synagogue continues to house all holiday parties,events,building a strong network and team of both young and older generation of members.



In December of 2008 community after a year of mourning elects the son of the first community president, Robert Aronov as the second president.As a successful attorney and real estate developer Robert Aronov has the confidence and the determination to complete his father's dream and build a Tample and dedicate it to the memory of his father.Robert has hired architects,engineers , and general constractor,formed a construction committee and has already started the construction process.



FMBS "BEIT ILIYAHU" is  a non profit organization that provides Community Services,Jewish learning programs and religious services. Our community center now has daily classes for youth and adults. FMBS has a goal to educate Jews about Judaism regardless of the background ,affiliation or level of observance.We make it possible for anyone with an interest in Judaism to connect with his or her roots and heritage.Our programs are on the cutting edge of today's teen culture and bring passionate Judaism directly to hundreds teens every week.



FMBS spiritual leaders Rabbi Avraham Tabibov works hard to serve community's religious needs, from daily  Gemara classes,shehita lessons ,bar mitzva lessons to marriage/family shiurim. In short period of three years we have made a lot of progress and hope to continue to serve our community. Our needs have changed as the community around the synagogue has changed.We are happy to say that the neighborhood has become increasingly vibrant with new Jewish singles, families and their children moving into areas where few potential members have lived before